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5 Reasons Calendar Magnets Are A Great Marketing Tool

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Calendar magnets are one of the most effective and efficient ways to put your brand, your face, and your contact information in front of people, and it can last and entire year. They hold many advantages over other types of print advertising, and they are among the most cost-effective ways to advertise. Here we’ll give you five reasons that we love calendar magnets as a marketing tool, including some ideas about how you can distribute them.

They’re Useful! Promotional items serve many different purposes, but having one that someone can use every day is a great advantage. What’s more, having something with your picture and contact information on it makes you accessible every day.

We all know that it takes lots of impressions to get through and establish brand familiarity. When someone sees you every day on an item that helps make their lives easier, you’ll be associated with that positive emotion.

Sometimes we try to out-clever ourselves by looking for a more unique or offbeat item. And there may be times for that, but a calendar reminds them of key events, timelines, and is one of the most looked at items in a home or office.

They Present Diverse Opportunities: A physical calendar magnet can stand out and be used in myriad ways. The calendars themselves can be customized to convey the information you want. You can do a different design every year, you can include your social media accounts on a calendar magnet, you can get one with a tear-off notepad that lets people have paper handy every day.

What’s more, the places you can distribute calendars are almost endless. And when you associate your brand with trusted and familiar places, you’ve done that much more to establish yourself as someone that knows and understands your community, and your customers.

Ideas for where to hand out calendar magnets

Calendar places ideas

Being present in the spaces people congregate absolutely works, and provides you a comfortable, familiar setting to connect with people.

They Last All Year: This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning or reinforcing. Some items are designed for a specific season of the year, but a calendar is designed for the purpose of keeping people engaged for 365 (or more) days every year. What could be more valuable as a way of establishing you and your brand as a constant and trusted resource than being seen not just in the first 30 days of a campaign, but year round?

They Establish Your Brand:

 Calendar custom full

Once you’re known as the source for calendars, your customers and potential clients will come to expect them from you. What a great opportunity! When you can establish a relationship that includes people looking forward to receiving information from you, you’re in a fantastic position to cement your brand as being thoughtful and ready to help.

Fantastic Value: For an item that will likely arrive before the beginning of a calendar year, and that will stay up for 365+ days, the cost can’t be beat. Calendar magnets, spread across a full year, cost literally (really literally, not figuratively) a fraction of a penny per day to reach a customer. There is likely nothing else that can deliver that combination of value and staying power to stay in front of people throughout the year, usefulness on a daily basis, and flexibility of promotion.

If you’re a regular purchaser of calendar magnets, you may know all of this, and we encourage you to find great new ways to use them. If you share ideas with us we just might post them in a future post! If you haven’t yet used calendar magnets in your marketing, start today!

We’ve got lots of options and designs to equip you with whatever you need to get and stay in front of your customers all year long.

Please consider our selection of calendar magnet products today, or call one of our Customer Happiness representatives and make our calendar products part of your mix.

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