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2019 Baseball Schedule Magnets

They love baseball. They need a schedule. They'll love your magnet!

Baseball Footer

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Peel & StickPartial MagnetFull MagnetFirst Class
Dimensions 3.5" x 9" 3.5" x 9" 3.5" x 9" 3.5" x 5.875"
Mailing Weight* 1 oz. 1 oz. 2 oz. 1 oz.
Magnet Back Partial Partial Full Full
Printed with Your Info
Rounded Corners
Envelope Size #10 #10 #10 #7 or #10
Ships Out In 2-3 business days 4-6 business days 4-6 business days 4-6 business days
Available Designs 1 4 4 4

* Weight based on magnet and envelope only

Why Choose House of Magnets Baseball Schedules?
    • Customer Testimonials

      I love using House of Magnets for my baseball schedules. My database looks forward to receiving them. It keeps my business card on their fridge for months at a time and I have trackable business as a result.

      Connie Kitkoski, TX
    • Customer Testimonials

      Everyone loved my Giants/A's baseball schedules! I love when my clients send me photos of magnets hanging on their refrigerator.

      Cyndy Silva, CA
    • Customer Testimonials

      I am happy to report that the baseball schedule magnets were a hit, everyone loves them. Thanks for your business!

      Kevin Hancock, CA
    • Customer Testimonials

      Dodger schedule magnets are so great. I have even had one client ask for a second one to give to a friend!

      Nancy Kurtik, NV