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Essential Business Tools:

  • Business Cards Business Cards Paper or magnet at great prices.
  • Name Badges Name Badges Also bling frames & frameless.
  • Embroidered Apparel Embroidered Jackets New in your Market Center.

Customer Testimonials:

"So far, of the magnets I sent out, I obtained one real estate listing! A prospective seller called me strictly based on the calendar magnet I sent him. He said he just saw it there on his refrigerator every day so he called me and I listed the home!" - Joanne Strutzel (NJ)

"I love using House of Magnets - they help keep me in front of my clients. They are the best magnet source I've found - fast service with great quality. If you want your clients to remember you, use House of Magnets...it's a no-brainer!"- Brian Burke (CO)

"Your magnets are a year-round success! I have a limited marketing budget, but marketing is still very important in this ever-changing, slower market. The magnets help me stay in touch with former clients and help me acquire new ones."- Debbie Harr (WV)

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