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3 Signs That You Should Get A New Name Badge

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“A name badge lasts, forever, right?” Certainly a well-made name badge lasts a long time, and it’s one of the things you can use almost every day to connect with people and get your name recognized. But over time they can feel routine and less effective or necessary. Still, it’s one of the simplest ways to make conversation and have someone identify you. Here are 3 signs that you may want to think about replacing your existing name badge, or even starting a collection to keep things fresh.

Sign #1: You’re not wearing your name badge as often: It happens. You’re preparing for the day,  getting all of your items in order and you just don’t feel like wearing your badge. A new name badge, simple as it seems, may give you a little more excitement about wearing one. It’s not that different from the feeling you have when you get a new blouse or shirt or jacket and you want to wear it more often. Best of all, a name badge costs far less than (most) clothing items.

Consider: Think about having several name badges in different shapes or color schemes. Most companies have multiple ways to be brand-compliant, and when you can order two badges for $12, it’s easy to have options for any occasion.

Sign #2: Edges are chipped or scratched: When you use something every day, the chances are higher that there will be some wear and tear. Sometimes your name badge gets dropped, or you forget it’s in your car’s drink holder until you slam it with your travel mug, or your loving child just happens to borrow it and it gets returned worse for wear. Are any of these hitting close to home? Too soon? Name badges (at least ours) are well-made and sturdy, but they all have limits.

Consider: Store your name badges in a specific place away from danger so that they can avoid getting scratched or wedged in to someplace that puts more wear on them.

Sign #3: You wish they could express your personality better. A name badge may feel like more of a uniform to you than you’re comfortable with. You’ve got a personality, a style, and you want to express that as a means of establishing your brand.

name badge bling

Consider: Going big with a different format. “Bling” name badges have become increasingly popular as a means of expressing yourself and standing out in a crowd. They’re a great conversation starter, and give people a glimpse into your personality and desire to set yourself apart. Another option is a frameless badge that has a sleeker design, and avoids a frame getting caught on something. Either way, there are various options to express yourself.   

A name badge can be as straightforward or as flashy as you’d like. Whatever your approach, we’re happy to offer you lots of options to help you express yourself and build your brand with those around you. Search our website for name badges, or call one of our Customer Happiness representatives to help you find the solution that’s best for you.


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