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Update on the impact of COVID-19

We are closely monitoring the news of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation and how it impacts our clients, our staff, and our communities. Like most of you, we’re a small, family business that is working to navigate unfamiliar territory with a fraction of the information we’d like to have. One thing we know is that we all want the best for one another. Our products are made in a safe, clean environment and we take our staff’s health seriously. We all want our businesses to keep moving forward, as that’s what helps us support our families and those in our communities. A few things to mention:

  • Health & Safety: We take our staff’s health and safety seriously. We are making sure that our staff has the best information available on the topic so we can take care of our families and ourselves. That means caution with any hints of illness and giving people space to get better, or to help care for families (knock on wood, we’ve got a healthy staff). We’re heightening our cleaning procedures to be extra-vigilant, and to add to the healthy work environment we’ve already built.

  • Baseball Schedules: We have updated our schedules to reflect the revised calendar for the 2021 season and they are ready for ordering. With attention now being focused on the new season, they remain a great way to stay present in your clients' homes and minds, and that's the key to these schedules: keeping you top of mind. 

  • The Real Estate Market: We are staying on top of industry and cultural news as much as possible. Interest in real estate remains strong even as we navigate new information, and helps us to maintain perspective and optimism that great days are ahead. We continue to offer great products and prices to help you serve your clients and communities.

We’re all in this together, and we appreciate the support, feedback, and inspiration we receive from our clients. We hope to be a source of that for you as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.