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New Name Coming Soon!!

Magnets were just the beginning. Helping you make your mark has always been the goal.


Why are you changing your name?

To serve you better. As we’ve grown, we’ve responded to our customers’ needs for the same great quality and pricing for more than magnets. So as we offer a solution for signs, custom apparel, business cards, and more, we feel the need to have a name that reflects that.

Are you being acquired by another company?

No. We are the same family-owned business that we’ve always been. Our ownership will remain the same, our management will remain the same, and our world-class customer service will remain the same, if not even better.

Will I still be able to get magnets from you?

Absolutely! Magnets were just the beginning for our company, and we’ll still be your best source for calendar magnets, magnetic sports schedules, magnetic notepads, and other magnetic marketing resources. We’ll also be your best source for signs, apparel, and print resources. Imagine the time and money you’ll save with one vendor, one order to track, and one low flat-rate shipping fee.

Will my order history or customer profile information change?

No. All of that will remain the same.

Will I still be able to use the House of Magnets url/web address?

We will re-direct any traffic to HouseOfMagnets.com to our new website address, so you can take some time to learn and remember our new address. Our hope is that the new name will be lodged in your memory in no time and you’re even happier about it (hint: it’s fewer letters than House Of Magnets).

Will I continue to get email from House Of Magnets?

We will be changing over to our new name in 2021, and phasing out email from the House of Magnets email address.

Will emails sent to people at House Of Magnets still work?

Yes. House of Magnets email addresses will work in parallel to the new addresses until further notice. The new e-mail addresses will automatically be used for outgoing e-mails.

Will you still operate NoteCardCafe.com?

Absolutely. Our new name and technology solution will continue to power Note Card Cafe.

Do you sell peoples’ information?

No - absolutely not. Your information with us stays with us. Period.

If you have any questions about the name change and re-branding of our company, please contact us here: [email protected]