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Car Magnets Provide Bang For The Buck

Car Magnet On Car

Car magnets can be a fantastic and affordable* way to create impressions and familiarity. And with printing capabilities at all-time highs in terms of quality, they can also be a visually attractive opportunity to get in front of people.

*Our car magnets are 2 for $24 or 6 for $60.

For insight on this we looked at a number of real estate agent message boards that focused on this topic. Some agents had an initial resistance to them, but were won over when seeing the opportunities created. As one agent commented, “Most agents today are what I call secret agents,” and this agent makes sure to employ branded signage and apparel to his daily mix.

Another agent in southern California shared his story about car magnets. “I hated car magnets and never used them. I just didn't like the blatant "self-promotion". But when the market changed and things got hard back in 2007ish, I got sick and tired of acquaintances telling me they just bought/sold a house and forgot I was a Realtor. That's when I decided to start marketing my face everywhere. It helps a lot. I have people tell me they see me all over.”

Car magnets create connections in public spaces as well, as one realtor explains. “I like when I pull up at the light and the car next to me starts writing down my number!” Agents also report being recognized in restaurants, coffee shops and other spaces because their pictures are on a car magnet that is seen around their community.

We’d like to share some helpful hints about the best ways to use car magnets, as well as why they’re such a great value. These hints are culled from our customer experience and feedback, as well as looking at what agents say on message boards and other trade groups.

Helpful HInts For Using Car Magnets
Keep Your Design Classy: Mis-matched fonts and neon colors may attract attention, but likely not the right kind. Keeping your design in line with your company colors and fonts communicates a professional and consistent message. We have templates for most real estate brands already, so being in compliance with your company’s guidelines is easy. And if we don’t have your brand in our system, we have templates that are easy to use.

Car Magnet Photo Exit SmallAdd A Photo: Adding a photo in the right setting can also help to connect people to you. Agents are often recognized out and about because they have a (current) photo on their signs, magnets and cards. Our printing is crystal clear, so if you have a great photo it will look fantastic on a magnet.

Super-Efficient Way To Advertise: As one realtor in a message thread stated, a magnet turns her car into a “rolling billboard.  People begin to remember me due to my magnet.” And while it’s one thing to hear a single story, broader research bears out the fact that vehicle advertising is incredibly efficient.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:
* One vehicle wrap or magnet can generate 30 to 70 thousand impressions every day
* Fleet vehicle advertising increases name recognition 15 times more than any other type of advertising

Another company cited that vehicle advertising can generate 600-1,000 impressions for every mile they travel. At $24 for 2 magnets, or $60 for 6 magnets, that means that you are investing fractions of pennies for every impression by doing an every day activity: driving.

Drive Safely: This should probably go without saying, but you should always drive safely and courteously. And if you have your name, photo and contact information on your vehicle the stakes get even higher! The upside is that having your information available can pay dividends if you’re known as a kind driver.  

Car Magnet photo EXP smallMagnets Adapt To Your Vehicle: A car magnet, at a 12” x 18.5” size, is adaptable to most vehicles. Of course they fit on doors on the sides of almost any vehicle. And if you own a truck or an SUV they can also fit easily on the back, providing another opportunity for people in traffic to see your message.

They're Flexible (Literally & Figuratively): A few years ago there was a trend of doing full vehicle wraps. Many people loved the concept, but found the reality was a different story. The vinyl could become scratched, ruining the desired effect of thousands of dollars invested in the wrap. Another realtor noted that his wife refused to go out to dinner or to friends’ houses in his wrapped car. Car magnets are a far more affordable means of vehicle advertising, and the magnets are easy to take off and out back on, giving you flexibility.


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