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Andrew Luck Header

Andrew Luck, the 4-time Pro Bowl quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, retired this weekend after seven seasons. It was a shocking move by one of the game’s most enigmatic and respected players. A brainy, self-described nerd who played college football at Stanford, Luck combined the game’s toughness with intelligence both on and off the field. The attention paid to his retirement is yet another indicator of the way that football can capture and dominate the cultural conversation in the US.

New Hire & Onboarding Kits: Why They Matter & What They Should Include

Welcome Chalkboard

Real estate professionals are fantastic at welcoming customers to new homes. But what about welcoming new agents and staff to their teams? Effective onboarding has tangible benefits that include increased retention, increased productivity, and higher team engagement. And it's not just an HR function.

Top 11 Football Movies
With football season approaching we thought we'd take a look at some of the greatest football movies ever made.

How Colored Envelopes Can Get Your Mail Opened

EnvelopesWhen getting ready to send out a mailing piece to market your business, there are many factors to consider in order to achieve your first goal, which is to get your mail opened. The envelope you use can factor significantly in that process. There are times when a simple, clean white envelope sends the right message, but it may not be the way to go every time. In fact, colored envelopes are opened up to 20% more likely to be opened than a plain white envelope.