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Featured Special for Monday, November 13, 2017
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Neighborhood Notes Notepad MagnetOnly $75 for $108 worth of magnetsSave 30% off!

• 300 notepad magnets; only 25¢ each (reg. 36¢)
• Peel & stick to adhere your business card
• Mails as two ounces
• Approximately 20 sheets per pad
• Easily fits in a #7 or #10 envelope

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Available only on the date shown above.
Cannot be combined with any other promotion. Limited quantities.


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* Regarding "Mails as one-ounce": This product is designed to weigh less than one ounce when mailed with an envelope.
Please check postal regulations in your area for proper postage. For more info, see our FAQs.
Adding other items to your mailing may increase your postal rate.



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