September 2017
Pirate-y Greatness
September has a super-easy theme you can use to reach out to prospects and clients. Keeping your name on their mind is goal number one. This'll do it...
September 19, Talk Like A Pirate Day
Copy & Paste Messaging Ideas:
Ahoy! Should ye be lookin' to trade yer landlubber quarters for a pile of treasure, thar be many a lads ‘n’ lasses looking to drop anchor ‘round these parts.

Or, as I'd say when it's NOT "Talk Like a Pirate Day," the market is soaring and I'd love to provide you with a free market analysis for your home to show you some options.
Other September Marketing Opportunities
September 5
International Day
of Charity

Everyday actions can change the world - even an act as simple as giving a card. Contribute to life-changing work being done across the globe for just 18¢ per card when you upgrade your card to a Giving Card.
September 7
NFL Season Kickoff
Football season is right around the corner, make sure your clients have your football schedules in hand when the season starts.
  • College Colors Day (Sept 2)
  • Labor Day (Sept 4)
  • Read a Book Day (Sept 6)
  • Patriot Day (Sept 11)
  • Grandparents Day (Sept 10)
  • World Ozone Day (Sept 16)
  • Gymnastics Day (Sept 17)
  • Miniature Golf Day (Sept 21)
  • Comic Book Day (Sept 25)
  • Love Note Day (Sept 26)
  • Crush a Can Day (Sept 27)
  • Good Neighbor Day (Sept 28)
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