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Why Choose House of Magnets?

CUSTOMER FIRST! After 10 years of operation, House of Magnets would like to thank our customers for supporting our products and staff. We realize that without you, the customer, we would not be as successful as we are today. Over the years, we have produced millions of magnets for 1000's of satisfied customers and we always appreciate their positive and constructive feedback.

It is our policy at House of Magnets to put the CUSTOMER FIRST! We have received calls from customers wanting a magnet promotion the next day and we've delivered. We've listened to our customers through one-on-one interviews, surveys, and customer feedback to help us design the products that are just right for them. The CUSTOMER FIRST! attitude means that we promise to make every effort to keep our customers satisfied.

We know that some companies try to be everything to everyone, but our mission statement is clear:

We make the highest quality magnetic promotions at the best prices.

But it is important to tell you that there are many things that we are not. WE ARE NOT AN INTERNET COMPANY. We are a magnetic promotions company that sells some of our products online. This means that our doors and phone lines are always open to you, the customer. We are not a company that hides behind their firewalls and encrypted technology or think that you are some 'template' and make you fit into our program. We are also not going to offer you ridiculously cheap magnets, then put you on a monthly billing fee like some other print companies. We feel this is an atrocious use of the internet and we do not want to be affiliated with companies like these.

By focusing our efforts on a CUSTOMER FIRST! attitude, the House of Magnets team hopes that we will enjoy many more successful years together and our personal and professional lives will grow together.


The House of Magnets CUSTOMER FIRST! team


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